About Us

All Natural, All Fresh, All Good. Made fresh in Grand Forks, ND. Find it in the dairy aisle at your local grocery store.


Bring fresh salsa into a grocery world of preservatives


Made with the freshest ingredients in Grand Forks, ND Village Hot Sauce is the most popular salsa there and in Northern Minnesota. Over the past few years it has begun integrating into the local Cub Foods, Rainbows, Targets, Lunds, etc... in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. 

Village Hot Sauce is all natural, contains no preservatives, and is about as local as you will find in a Twin Cities grocery store. Give it a try, you'll find it in the dairy aisle.

Comes in Extra Hot and Mild. However, neither are unbearably spicy. If you want an extra kick throw some of your favorite hot sauce in it and it will mix great!